Marty's Challenge - Monies Raised for the AACF

Marty's Challenge has raised $1443.31. Donate today and help Marty in his quest!

Congratulations to Marty for completing the gruelling 50km trail run in the Blue Mountains!!! Not only did Marty make it across the finish line, he finished in the top 10%!

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MartysChallenge 01"I am taking on a personal challenge to compete in the longest distance trail run I have ever done on May 18th (being my birthday!) The race is set in the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park where I will be doing a 50km trail run. This involves lots of downhill and lots and LOTS of stairs. People from all over the world take part and it is the biggest trail race in Australia.

While I was training for this race, I  thought about all of the animal patients I work with who face a bigger challenge, on a daily basis.  And that challenge is cancer...

I then thought, what would help me get across the finish line?  What could I do to help our patients get across their finish line in hopefully beating cancer?  Luckily, we already have a very strong competitor running in this race for them and that competitor is the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation (AACF)

I know my race will be over in less than a day but for the AACF, the race is ongoing.  They will not stop until a cure is found to help cancer patients get across their line. And, as much as my fuel will be only a small amount on race day, the AACF will always need ‘fuel’ to keep going. That is why I am going to raise funds for the AACF to help find a cure for cancer. Even if it is a gold coin donation, every little bit will help. I am kick starting this by personally donating $100.00 and also help raise awareness by wearing the AACF shirt during the run.

Your tax deductable donation will help raise much needed funds to help find a cure for cancer.

When donating to Marty's Challenge, please write Marty’s Challenge.

Thanks for your support." 


Helping the AACF

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation is a not for profit research charity dedicated to fighting cancer and finding a cure for cancer. Our pets may hold the answers allowing cancer cures in people and our beloved pets. The goal is to find these answers.