AACFSpencerIn September 2015 the, Australian Animal Cancer Foundation was contacted by a special little boy from Perth named, Spencer. 

The email below was the beginning of BVSC getting to see first hand how one seven year old, on the other side of Australia, can make a difference. 


My name is Spencer and I am 7 years old. I have a yellow lab puppy and she is 11 weeks old. My vet told us this week that she has cancer. So I want to fundraise money to give to you guys so you can help animals with cancer. I am thinking of having a big dog walk where people can donate to join in. I will also do a sausage sizzle (with my Dad) and sell dog biscuits at the walk. I will also go to all the vets in my area and ask if I can put a jar on the desk to raise money for you guys. Do you think this is a good idea? Thank you for helping save animals.
From Spencer 

Spencer’s puppy Molly had been diagnosed with a grade 3 mast cell tumour and been given the life expectancy of 4 – 6 months.  The news was understandly very upsetting to Spencer and his family with Spencer announcing that he wanted to fundraise to help save puppies like his with cancer.  

Spencer got to work and organised, ‘’Molly’s Walk’’ which raised a huge $5,504.10 for the, Australian Animal Cancer Foundation. 

Molly did survive. Spencer visited BVSC in 2017 and met Dr Rod Straw (photo) and the BVSC team in 2017.  Spencer is also the Junior Ambassador for the RSPCA.


Helping the AACF

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation is a not for profit research charity dedicated to fighting cancer and finding a cure for cancer. Our pets may hold the answers allowing cancer cures in people and our beloved pets. The goal is to find these answers.