There will be an answer, help us find it.

All donations help.

We need funding to continue our clinical trials. For instance, we have shown in a pilot study of 45 dogs with osteosarcoma that an antimetastatic drug, called Auranofin, improves survival compared to the current standard of care of surgery and chemotherapy. Adding Auranofin, which is in oral form, to the standard of care does not cause any additional toxicity and provides a distict survival advantage. We need funding to continue this work and make this drug available to dogs and humans suffering from this horrible, life-threatening cancer.

All donations help.

Our radiation therapy equipment is due for upgrading. We have a close collaborative relationship with human radiation therapy providers who can help significantly but we need funding for equipment purchase, delivery and rigging, engineering, radiation physics and ground work for de-instinaltion and re-instillation to make our research possible. We have a safe, solid radiation therapy bunker (vault) and this can be reused for the new equipment. All our processes are in place so your donation will go directly to make this very important project a reality. This project is urgently needed.

Helping the AACF

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation is a not for profit research charity dedicated to fighting cancer and finding a cure for cancer. Our pets may hold the answers allowing cancer cures in people and our beloved pets. The goal is to find these answers.