Valuable Equipment

The Australian Animal Cancer Foundation funds valuable equipment and research essential to the treatment and study of cancer in companion animals.

The publication of this valuable research is made available to researchers all over the world, fast tracking their work and collectively taking us closer to a cure. 

Equipment funded by the Foundation to date includes:

  • Purchase and installation of the Southern Hemisphere's only high energy radiation therapy unit dedicated to animals - Siemens 6 MV Linear Accelerator
  • Purchase and installation of a General Electric multislice, helical CT scanner for provision of digital data for three dimensional treatment planning and radiation simulation. This device is also used for diagnosis and staging of cancers in animals presented to BVSC – The Animal Hospital, providing data for continuing clinical research.
  • Purchase of a minus eighty degrees Celsius ultralow freezer for archiving tissue, establishment of a tissue bank, storage of tissue and fluids for research and provision of a facility for an allograft bone bank.
  • Purchase of an ultra centrifuge for preparing body fluids for tests and storage.


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