LeeStripe02Lee McLean - BBus Communication; FPRIA
Director of Australian Animal Cancer Foundation

Lee is a 30 year veteran of the Australian communications industry during which she has specialised in helping organisations successfully grow their profile, build partnerships and closely build and engage with stakeholders.

Lee is a strategic thinker able to help organisations position their communications to ensure an impact which works towards the overall business plan. She appreciates communication does not work in isolation and continually works alongside other advisers including researchers, product developers, other marketing consultants and lawyers to ensure integrated activity.

As General Manager of the northern operations of Australia's largest communications company, Professional Public Relations (PPR), Lee is responsible for the management of teams working in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.

Lee has a high profile in the Australian communications and public relations industry as a presenter and one of PPR's leading media trainers. She was elected a Fellow of the industry association (PRIA) in 2001 and has received over 20 industry awards for a range of campaigns. She guest lectures at local universities and conferences, is a former member and Treasurer of the PRIA State Council and is a long term judge of the PRIA Awards and more recently the Asia Pacific SABRE awards.

Helping the AACF

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation is a not for profit research charity dedicated to fighting cancer and finding a cure for cancer. Our pets may hold the answers allowing cancer cures in people and our beloved pets. The goal is to find these answers.